Welcome To Running Snowman

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Hi!  I’m Gary Snow.  In July 2015, I ran in my first ever 5k and suddenly I was hooked!  Now almost 4 years later, I have competed in 32 races ranging from 5k events to both the 2019 Boston and the NYC Marathons!  I’ve even have been on two 50 mile trail relay race teams and run in a 6 hour timed race.  I love to run, not only because it has helped me to get and stay healthy, but also I have been able to meet some incredible people.  I have found running to be filled with terrific athletes who are eager to share the sport and encourage each other.  This same spirit has led me to want to encourage others as well and give back to this terrific sport.

I set up this page not only to tell my story, but also to help with running tips, insights, product reviews and recommendations and other helpful information.  I am a 2020 Honey Stinger Hive AmbassadorJanji Collective Ambassador and a Baleaf Activewear Ambassador, so I will be sharing about the great products each company offers and promotions as they become available.  I also have a discount for Luna sandals.  I own a pair of Monos and they are great!  I hope you find this site informative and helpful.  At least you will be able to say that you have seen a ‘Snowman’ run in all kinds of weather! 🙂

Gary Snow – The Running Snowman